11 Signs You’re Too Old For The Club

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There’s a time for everything. When you are 21 and drinking age (finally), the club can be a banging place to party, dance and have fun. Even at 25, it can be a blast. But as you grow older and have responsibilities in life, like a kid to get off to school or a job to make and stay awake, the club should be a less attractive option.

The Good Man Check List

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Green checklist

When you’re young, you have time to go through some losers and have a few flings. But when those 20s start creeping into 25 and heading toward 30 and you are not attached to someone, it may be time to start looking at your dates and asking, “Is he a keeper?”

As you date someone and move toward a steady relationship, here are seven key things to look for in a keeper.

Darius McCrary Arrested on Failure to Pay Child Support

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Darius McCrary

Former “Family Matters” star Darius McCrary has just learned that family matters the hard way.

He was arrested earlier this week after failing to keep up with court-order child support.

McCrary only spent a couple of hours in the slammer before being released after he wrote a check for what he owed, which was $5,500.