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cece winans declined to appear in whiteney houston’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ video because of ‘demonic’ lyrics



CeCe Winans, a Grammy-winning gospel singer, has always been known for her faith and devotion to Christianity. Her commitment to her beliefs was once again highlighted when she refused to appear in Whitney Houston’s iconic music video for “I’m Every Woman” because of what she perceived to be “demonic” lyrics.


In 1992, Whitney Houston, one of the biggest pop stars of her time, released her cover of the 1978 hit song originally recorded by Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman.” The song was an anthem for women’s empowerment and celebrated the diversity and strength of all women.


In a recent interview, Winans explained that she was offered a role in the video by Houston’s team but turned it down because she was uncomfortable with the song’s message.


“When you aim to please God, a lot of offers come my way..I don’t even have to think about it,” Winans said.


Winans, who has won numerous Grammy Awards for her gospel music, has always been vocal about her faith and the importance of spreading positive messages through her music. She has often spoken about her commitment to uplifting and inspiring others through her songs, which are grounded in her Christian beliefs.


“One of my dear friends who has gone to be with the lord, praises God. She was so famous and she let me know that I didn’t want to be famous. ,,,, was Whitney houston.


She was my dear sister and friend, and I remember she was about to do one of her big videos and it was I’m Every Woman. It’s a great video right? But the lyrics don’t line up with the word of God.

So she said , ‘Cece, I want you to be in the video. But I know you are not gone.

i said, “you’re absolutely right’

Because it started off with, ‘I can cast a spell.’ I’m not singing that!  she said.


Many of her fans were surprised by her decision not to appear in Houston’s video, but Winans has stood by her beliefs, stating that she did not want to compromise her values for the sake of fame or popularity.


Despite Winans’ decision not to appear in the video, Houston’s rendition of the song remains a popular and beloved track to this day.

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