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Fourth ABC Staffer Sascha Reveals T.J. Holmes Had An Affair With Her And Made Her Feel Special


The gossip mill has been buzzing lately with the latest revelation from Sascha, an ABC staffer, who has come forward on dailymail to spill the tea on her relationship with former Good Morning America host, T.J. Holmes. This makes her the fourth person to step forward with such claims, making T.J. the most popular man at ABC.


Speaking to The Cut, Sascha alleges that T.J. was part of a larger culture of inappropriate behavior in the newsroom, where senior executives were known to be on the prowl for young, female colleagues. Sources say that women on the network felt like they had to engage in inappropriate relationships to advance their careers. HR processes were also reportedly lacking.


An insider said it felt like everybody was sleeping around’ and claimed the GMA show was staffed by a ‘bunch of horned-up high-school students’.


This isn’t the first time T.J.’s relationships have made headlines – remember when it was revealed by Dailymail.com that he was involved with fellow GMA host, Amy Robach, while they were both married? Well, now we hear that T.J. had multiple relationships with ABC staffers, including producer Natasha Singh and former intern Jasmine Pettaway.


Sascha stated that the viral exposure of T.J. Holmes’s past affairs prompted her to reevaluate her relationship with him.


Sascha says her relationship with Holmes took off during a string of late-night shifts together back in 2014. She was 27 years old and he was 38 at the time.


She recalls receiving a flirtatious email from T.J. saying ‘I’m learning a lot about you. I might actually like you.’ while setting up his Instagram account (he needed all the help he could get, clearly!) and things escalated from there.


Soon after, he booked a hotel near the network’s Upper West Side headquarters and sent her the details. When she walked into the room, he was seated on the bed, she claimed.

The pair began having intimate moments in hotel rooms and in his locked office, which she said was not unusual due to ABC’s ‘prevalent sexual culture.’ She added that it was a quite scandalous place.


She stated that the long and isolated hours of her job left her feeling drained and isolated and that T.J. was the only person who seemed to understand her situation.


Speaking to The Cut, Sascha thought she was “special at the time”, but later realized she was just one of many he dismisses as a throwaway object.


Sascha also claims that the network was more concerned with protecting its image than addressing harassment and misconduct. Well, that’s just par for the course for any big corporation, isn’t it?


With all the allegations against T.J. Holmes, one may wonder if Amy Robach is concerned. But, from the looks of things, she’s head over heels for him and doesn’t seem too fazed by the news.

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