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Judge OVERRULES Mother Siohvaughn Funches’ Objection: Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Zaya Wade Now Legally A Girl.



In a significant victory for transgender rights, Zaya Wade, the daughter of basketball star Dwyane Wade, has been granted legal permission to change her name and gender. The ruling, which was filed in Los Angeles’ Superior Court, allows Zaya to legally change her name to Zaya Malachi Airamis Wade and permits her to undergo gender reassignment surgery to match her gender identity.


Dwyane and his wife, Gabrielle Union, zaya stepmother, have been vocal advocates for their daughter’s rights and have worked tirelessly to create a safe and supportive environment for her since She came out as transgender in 2020.


Zaya’s journey has not been an easy one.  Her biological mother, Siohvaughn Funches, petitioned against her request to change her name and gender. In a court filing last November, Siohvaughn claimed that Dwyane was trying to “profit” from their daughter and accused him of forcing Zaya to be someone she’s not.


Dwyane took to social media to defend his daughter’s identity and call out Siohvaughn’s allegations. “I’ve received a social media post about me forcing our 15-year-old child to be someone she’s not and to do something against her will,” he wrote on Instagram. “These are serious and harmful allegations that have hurt our children. While none of us are surprised by Siohvaughn’s attempt to fight Zaya’s identity and her unwavering attempt to drag my name through the mud, I’m very disappointed that she continuously finds ways of centering herself and HER needs, without regard to her children.”


Despite the opposition from her biological mother, Zaya’s father and stepmother worked tirelessly to make her dream a reality.


Zaya’s message of self-acceptance and self-love has resonated with many young people and has helped to raise awareness about the struggles that transgender children face.


The judge’s ruling is a significant victory for Zaya and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, as it reaffirms the importance of respecting an individual’s gender identity and their right to live as their true self.


Fans and supporters of the family have taken to social media to express their joy and support for Zaya and the Wade family. Many have applauded the family’s unwavering support for their daughter and have praised them for using their platform to raise awareness about transgender rights.


Some fans and supporters  are also criticizing Funches for her objection to the legal recognition of her daughter’s gender identity.


Congratulations to Zaya Wade and her family on this incredible milestone


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