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Tammy Rivera makes shocking allegations of assault against Peter Thomas, claiming her niece was choked, and questions the not guilty verdict



Tammy Rivera, the reality TV star and entrepreneur, has recently come forward with a shocking revelation about an incident involving her niece and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas.


Rivera, who is married to rapper Waka Flocka Flame, claims that Thomas choked her niece during an alleged confrontation at his Bar One restaurant in Baltimore. And despite her niece’s testimony, he was found not guilty of the charges in a court of law.


In a viral video, Rivera spoke out about the incident, claiming that Thomas did indeed choke her niece and that the not guilty verdict was not due to his innocence, but rather to the skill of his lawyer. “Peter Thomas did choke my niece,” Rivera stated. “I was there that night, and I saw it with my own eyes. It was a terrifying experience, and I’m just glad that my niece was able to escape without any serious injuries.”


Rivera went on to say that she believes Thomas’s lawyer was able to manipulate the system and convince the jury of his client’s innocence, despite the evidence to the contrary. “I know that justice was not served in this case,” she said.


According to Rivera, she refrained from speaking out earlier to protect her niece’s privacy, but emphasized that she is fiercely protective of her family. Rivera further elaborated that her niece declined her assistance in the matter, stating, “The takeaway from this incident is that my niece explicitly expressed that she did not want my involvement, be it with legal representation or any other aspect of the case.”


Thomas has yet to respond to Rivera’s allegations, but his legal team has released a statement denying any wrongdoing on his part. “We stand by Mr. Thomas and believe that the verdict was the result of a fair and impartial trial,” the statement read. “We respect Ms. Rivera’s right to her opinion, but we strongly disagree with her characterization of the events that took place that night.”


Rivera’s allegations have sparked a heated debate on social media, with many fans and followers expressing their support for her and calling for justice for her niece. It remains to be seen how this story will develop, but one thing is clear: Tammy Rivera is not backing down, and she is determined to get to the truth of what happened that night.

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