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Andrew Tates Manager Verifies Report about his Lung Cancer Diagnosis


Andrew Tate, a controversial internet commentator, has reportedly been diagnosed with lung cancer. Medical documents surfaced online in March 2023, showing a lesion on the “right upper” portion of one of Tate’s lungs.


According to the documents, Tate traveled to Dubai to receive medical care, where these findings were collected. The documents also included a letter from Tate’s GP at the UAE’s King’s College Hospital, who urged Tate to return to the country for urgent medical investigations and treatment.


Tate’s current situation is already complicated, as he is being detained by Romanian authorities on charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime.

The former kickboxer launched into the limelight last year and received ample criticism for his views on women. Now, he sits in prison amid an ongoing investigation into the charges against him. Despite pleading for release, Tate’s request was recently denied for a fourth time.


The leaked medical documents quickly sparked an avalanche of theories online, with some believing them to be fake while others suggested that Tate may be using the diagnosis to escape Romanian law enforcement. However, Tate’s manager has since spoken out, seemingly confirming the lung cancer diagnosis.


In a post via his Instagram stories on March 3, Tate’s manager wrote, “Okay a lot of people are asking me if [the] Tate lung cancer story is true. Yes, it’s true. I was the one driving him to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I don’t have any more specifics to share.”


The confirmation of Tate’s diagnosis has led many to express sympathy for him and his family. Lung cancer is a serious and often deadly disease, and the news of his diagnosis is undoubtedly a blow to Tate and those close to him.

However, given Tate’s current legal troubles, some are questioning the timing of the diagnosis and whether it is genuine.


Some have speculated that Tate may be using the diagnosis to escape prosecution, while others have suggested that the diagnosis may be a ploy to gain sympathy and avoid punishment.


Regardless of the motive behind the leak and confirmation of Tate’s diagnosis, the news has certainly added further fuel to an already controversial situation.

Tate’s case has attracted significant media attention, with many criticizing his views and actions. His diagnosis only adds another layer to the ongoing saga, leaving many wondering what will happen next.


It remains to be seen how Tate’s health and legal situation will progress in the coming days and weeks.

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