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Man with Seven Children Argues He Shouldn’t Bear Responsibility for Them as He Never Intended to Have Children.


A video circulating on the internet has revealed a shocking statement made by a father of seven, who has publicly declared that he does not believe he should be responsible for his children because he did not want them in the first place.


The father, whose identity remains unknown, made the controversial statement during a recorded video making rounds on Instagram.


“I never wanted kids,” he said in the video.  “We both lay down to have intercourse, we both was irresponsible about the decision we made that night. Yeah I could have pulled out, but I didn’t because I’m not the one that’s gonna carry a baby for 9 months.”


The father went on to say that he felt he was being unfairly burdened with the responsibility of raising children he did not want. He argued that he should not be held accountable for their wellbeing or upbringing.


“I never wanted these kids, so why should I be responsible for them?” he asked.


The video of the father’s statement has sparked outrage and condemnation from many members of the public, who have accused him of shirking his parental duties and abandoning his children. Some have called for him to be held legally accountable for his neglect.


“Jail, send him to jail. He’s clearly a menace to society. LOCK HIM UP! “said an Instagram user.


Regardless of the public reaction, the father’s statement has raised important questions about the nature of parenthood and the responsibilities that come with it.


While some may argue that he has a moral obligation to care for his children, others may sympathize with his desire to opt out of a role he never wanted.


The father’s comments are reminiscent of debates surrounding reproductive rights and whether individuals have a right to opt out of parenthood. While some argue that individuals should have the right to decide whether or not they want to have children, others contend that parenthood is a responsibility that comes with certain obligations.


According to family law, the father’s comments are unlikely to absolve him of his legal responsibilities towards his children. “Under the law, parents have an obligation to support their children financially and emotionally,” “Regardless of whether or not the father wants children, he still has a duty to care for them.”


An Instagram user following the story suggests that people should have frank discussions about their desire to have children before making the decision to have intercourse. “It’s important to have open and honest communication about what each person wants,” she says. “If one person doesn’t want children, then that should be respected.”

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