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Nick Cannon Announced A Prank Show: “Who’s Having My Baby?”

Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart’s New Reality Show “Who’s Having My Baby?” is set to be the most talked-about show of the year. The show’s premise is simple yet shocking. Female contestants will compete against each other for the chance to have Cannon’s next child. It is not yet clear if the show is real or just a practical joke, but the eyebrow-raising tweet from Nick Cannon announcing the show has certainly got people talking.


The trailer for the show, which dropped on Tuesday, shows Kevin as the master of ceremonies introducing the women who parade onto the stage to compete for the dubious honor of having a child with Nick. Nick shared the trailer on Twitter, writing, “We’re expecting…a new show on E! #WhosHavingMyBaby premieres this spring on @eentertainment!”


The trailer sees Nick Cannon grinning as he plays “Eenie meenie minie mo” as thw women gigles before Kevin Hart screams “Let’s Go!” and the competition begins. This is the latest addition to Cannon’s ever-growing brood of children, including his daughter Halo Marie, who was born just three months ago. Halo’s mother is model Alyssa Scott, one of the six women who have so far had children with Cannon, including his ex-wife Mariah Carey with whom he shares a pair of 11-year-old twins called Monroe and Moroccan.


In September, Brittany Bell gave birth to Nick’s 10th child, a son named Rise Messiah Cannon. They also share a six-year-old son named Golden and a two-year-old daughter named Powerful Queen. Just two weeks before Rise was born, Lanisha Cole, a former model on “The Price Is Right,” gave birth to Nick’s ninth child, a daughter named Onyx.


It seems Nick just can’t get enough of fatherhood, and he’s been quite open about his desire to have more children. In June 2021, he welcomed a baby boy named Zen with Alyssa Scott, whom he had met years earlier on his show “Wild ‘N Out.” However, Zen suffered health problems, including a brain tumor, and tragically died at just five months old after spending his last moments by the sea with his parents.


The loss of his son left Nick feeling depressed, and he revealed that his plans to be celibate for the last few months of 2021 went out the window.


The show’s announcement has sparked widespread interest and debate on social media, with many users criticizing Cannon for his behavior. However, others have pointed out that the show is likely to be a joke, given its outrageous premise.


Cannon has previously expressed his guilt over not being able to spend enough time with all of his children, but it seems like he’s not ready to stop having more just yet. In fact, When asked by Entertainment Tonight when he plans to stop having children, he replied, “God decides. ‘You know what, when I’m 85, you never know.’

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